10 Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites

10 Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC & GPT Sites

PTC & GPT sites might be the easiest thanks to make money online. you’ve got to click the ads & complete other tasks to get paid here. But if you would like to make money from these sites then there are 2 important factors that play a giant role in your earnings.

The first factor is choose the sites that are really trusted & paying their members regularly. And another important factor is you want to have 100+ referrals.

You don’t worry about any of the factors because I even have done research on hundreds of sites & after working for months, And for other factor, i’m getting to show you 10 ways in this post which will assist you to get many referrals.

1. Ask your friends & relatives through Email, SMS, Whatsapp etc.

The first step to market your referral link is by asking your friends & relatives by sending an email, SMS or through Whatsapp.social promotion

Every person has a minimum of 500 contacts in their phone directory. So start sending your referral link today by all the methods possible. I am sure, you’ll get a minimum of 10% conversion.

2. Post on Social Media sites

This is my favorite method & I even have got around more than 200 referrals by promoting my referral links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Start this by sharing in your Facebook profiles & posting on your friends walls. you’ll also join many active pages & groups on Facebook associated with PTC, make money, work from home & similar topics & post your link everywhere.

You can also promote in other sites like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc

3. Comments on blogs & YouTube Videos

This method also works great if you’ll write good comments on blogs. There are many blogs on internet & one among the feature of those blogs is you’ll write the discuss the articles on these blogs.

The readers of those blogs can see your comment & if you’ve got left your referral link within the comment then they will directly visit the PTC sites & join it.

You have to look the blogs associated with the topics like make money, work from home, online jobs, PTC, GPT, online surveys etc. & then write some good comment associated with the post otherwise the blog owner will reject your comment.

Similarly, you’ll also discuss most viewed YouTube videos so that people can see your referral link & click to join.

4. Advertise on PTC and GPT sites

Again advertising on PTC and GPT sites would ensure your referrals approaching to your site are in great numbers. you’ll also invest a touch amount & advertise your best PTC sites.

OR most of the sites provide you with points for advertising on their website otherwise you can use your earning balance to advertise for your other PTC sites.

5. Create a blog

Creating a website & promoting your PTC & GPT sites through your blog is one among the simplest method. you’ll write reviews of PTC sites or use direct banners in your blog posts or sidebars together with your referral link.

Creating a blog is extremely simple today. It takes little or no investment. I even have written a really useful post here which will assist you to make an internet site .

6. Uploading Videos on YouTube

Creating a video isn’t that difficult. many videos are uploaded daily on YouTube & not all the people that upload the videos are expert.

You can create a video, either together with your smartphone, web camera or screen recording software like Camtesia.

You can upload videos on make money tips, extra income opportunity or other topics. Put your referral link at the top of the video & even in descriptions.

If the video is great & liked by people, you’ll get many referrals from each & every videos you upload.

7. Other ways to get referrals for PTC sites:

There are many other ways to recruit direct referrals.

Most of those ways are co-related with the highest 3 ways to get direct referrals for PTC sites. With Maximum of those ways, you’ll promote a PTC site ranking page. Promoting a PTC site listing page is usually an honest and more attractive idea to urge direct referrals. With a PTC site listing page, you get to market many referrals link on one go. People even seem to trust PTC sites more once they are ranked by other PTC users. So, if you’ve got a PTC site listing page use your strategy to market your page.

8. Promote your Referral link using PPC Advertising Network.

PPC stands for Pay per Click. meaning you’ll pay money when a visitor clicks on your advertising. Bloggers use PPC Advertising on their blogs to earn money. So once you advertise your referral link using PPC network advertisement, your banner is displayed on blogs. These blog visitors will certainly find your banner attractive since it’s about earning money. therefore the click rate and signup rate is extremely high for creating money online advertisements.

The best example of a PPC network is Google Adsense, the banner ads you see on many blogs. While the famous network of Google Ads doesn’t accept affiliate Link. So we gonna need to advertise using a low-cost PPC network.

The best PPC network to promote a PTC banner are Bidvertiser and Adhitz.

In the case of Bidvertiser, their cost is pretty less than other online advertising companies charge. Even they supply $20 as a signup bonus for advertisers. with that $20 you’ll advertise and get referrals for PTC sites.

9. Traffic Exchange Sites.

Traffic Exchange sites are an honest place to urge referrals for PTC sites but limited to only small-scale PTC sites.

Most of the members of Traffic Exchange are already members of famous PTC sites. So you want to decide and choose wisely which PTC site to market on traffic exchanges. Always promote PTC sites which are legit, not very old, and has less number of members.

One of the simplest Traffic exchange sites is Easyhits4u.

10. Utilize Social Networks

In today’s world, Social Networks are the most place of intersection of the web world. Almost everybody uses social network account lately . So Social media sites are one among the simplest places to market your referral link.

One of the simplest practice is by creating a Facebook page. it’s very easy to form a facebook page famous. Create a Facebook page and share your referral links on facebook status. Then invite your friends to love the page and share your page. Keep updating your facebook page and post helpful status often.

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